An overview of the programmes

We offer a range of custom programmes & MasterClasses tailored to each client situation.

We prefer to work as a partner in Digital Acceleration & Transformation initiatives over an extended time frame.

Ideally we start with sessions with the leadership team themselves to help clarify the type of culture, capabilities & mindset that is the goal. We then cascade programmes through the different leadership levels, with different formats of virtual and digital programmes, but always with an emphasis on experiential learning and developing truly confident future ready digital leaders.

It is critical to do this at pace to get to a critical mass of digital change champions and gain an sustain the momentum for change and transformation.

We also design & deliver cascade programmes that cover thousands of employees in a a rapid time period to ensure that there is a shared language and mindset of digital throughout the organisation. 

Where possible we also with clients to develop a ‘DigiNjina’ (DBS) or similar form of Digital Change Champions and Alumni programme to further turbo charge the transformation.

In parallel, we strongly recommend doing similar programmes for the HR Leadership team, Talent Leads and HRBPs, as it is absolutely critical the HR is an enabler rather than a blocker to transformation. The HRBPs must be as ‘digitally savvy’ and confident as the newly awakened future ready digital leaders they are supporting.

Our Progammes & Master Classes are client specific, but some examples & illustrative pricing are shared below:

DBS Case Study

DBS Case Study

‘Good idea, go and teach them digital…’ With those immortal words, DBS Bank CEO Piyush Gupta launched an unprecedented...