Paul Cobban – Chief Transformation Officer at DBS Bank

“Laurence and I work at DBS together driving the innovation and improvement agenda across the organisation. It has been quite a journey and Laurence should take credit for significant shift in the culture and capabilities of DBS.

Laurence worked with the CEO to mastermind our ambitious mission and then helped coach the top team to gain executive buy in and execution. His collaboration with my innovation office on the hackathons as a digital mindset tool has been ground-breaking and has impacted the talent of the company massively.

Laurence has the thought leadership and courage to execute and is quite rightly regarded as one of the top learning executives in the industry”

Other Testemonials

Hackathon at DBS Bank

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Peter Andrew, Executive Director – Workplace Centre of Excellence

I met Laurence when we spoke at the same industry event. I was captivated by what he was doing at DBS Bank at the the time - with leadership hack-a-thons as DBS went on its amazing journey of Digital Transformation. Laurence was at the heart of the creative thinking...

Frederic Chardot, Chief Transformation Officer at Moët Hennessy

" Laurence partnered with us in facilitating our journey towards creating a digital mindset.  The whole experiential learning was created keeping in mind that participants had various levels of understanding and maturity on digital.  Laurence did a...